Application Overview

When running Cytosplore the main window will be mostly empty on startup, as the user interface is completely data-driven. The main Cytosplore window is separated in three main areas;

Cytosplore Main Window OverviewFigure 1: Screenshot of the main Cytosplore window.

When starting a new analysis using the Analysis menu in the Menubar a corresponding settings panel will be added to the Settings Widget and a view widget will be added to the Main View Area. When running multiple analyses at the same time the Settings Widget contains a tab for each analysis, while multiple visualization views will be shown at the same time.

Cytosplore With Two Analyses OpenFigure 2: Screenshot of the main Cytosplore window with two analyses open.

Visualization views split into three areas;

Main view areasFigure 3: The main areas of a SPADE analysis view.

All views in Cytosplore, including the Settings Widget can be popped out in a separate window or closed using the Title Bar of each view.

View title barFigure 4: The Title Bar and its functions of a SPADE analysis view.

Views can also simply be repositioned by clicking and dragging the Title Bar of a view and moving the view to the desired position. The blue area shows where the view will be positioned when releasing the mouse button.

Repositioning a viewFigure 5: Repositioning a view by clicking and dragging its Title Bar.

Finally, views can be closed or (re-) opened via a right click on the Menubar or any views Title Bar. A context menu will open showing all available views, where open views are indicated by a check mark.

View context menuFigure 6: The context menu to open or close views.