Installation (MacOS)

We provide an easy to use installer including all dependencies for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) and higher. You can download the installer from the main site. Clicking the download button will save the installer disk image to your disk. Double-click the icon to start the installation. It looks like this in your download folder:

Cytosplore Disk Image IconFigure 1: The Cytosplore Disk Image after downloading.

After double-clicking the disk image simply drag the Cytosplore application icon to the Applications folder to install Cytosplore on your system. You can then run it any time from your Applications folder.

Cytosplore Installer Admin Rights DialogFigure 2: Drag the Cytosplore application into the Applications folder.

Cytosplore can be used free of charge in an academic setting and if it is used in the scope of a scientific article the original Cytosplore articles need to be cited: T. Höllt, N. Pezzotti, V. van Unen, F. Koning, E. Eisemann, B. Lelieveldt, and A. Vilanova. Cytosplore: Interactive Immune Cell Phenotyping for Large Single-Cell Datasets. Computer Graphics Forum, 35(3): pp. 171–180, 2016. and V. van Unen, T. Höllt, N. Pezzotti, N. Li, M. Reinders, E. Eisemann, A. Vilanova, F. Koning, and B.P.F. Lelieveldt. Visual Analysis of Mass Cytometry Data by Hierarchical Stochastic Neighbor Embedding Reveals Rare Cell Types. Nature Communications, 8(1740), 2017.

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